Marcin Szymczak-Nowosielski.

Marcin Szymczak-Nowosielski

Marcin was born in 1977 and grew up in an Szymczak-Nowosielski Family descent in a country. Every family is unique, but big families have their own special characteristics that set them apart from other, smaller families. Szymczak-Nowosielski displayed an interest in culture, history, heritage and investing at a young age. Much of Marcin's early childhood years were enlivened with cultural ventures.  He currently leads the Foundation's public affairs programs La Maison de la Paix Foundation of Polish Warsaw and the newly formed Europe Forte Foundation.

The Szymczak - Nowosielski Heritage Initiative in Poland A Peoplehood Program of the La Maison de la Paix Foundation for Life & Culture The Polish Heritage Initiative in Poland is committed to strengthening the Public Affairs life of Polish people and to broadening the Polish world’s understanding of peoplehood as viewed through the historical role of Polish Nobles in the life and culture of Polish people everywhere. It does this by supporting and creating educational, communal and cultural programs to a growing noble population in Poland, and linking Polish nation to noble communities in the Europe and Middle East. 

He do many things, He work with many people, with many initiatives that deserving of broader and deeper consideration and support. But certainly the one that has made he feel more worthy to serve, happy to “be”, to go hand in hand with a cause, that is, without a doubt, the Foundations for culture area and values, because its work points to the depths of the human condition: the values, the will, the individual decision-the making, which is also what defines us -internally- as beings”.

La Maison de la Paix in 2015 in Perception of the Victims and Holocaust on Polish Citizens during the Word War II study. The Commission has launched a study on this issue In Republic of China’ by 130th records of web sites and domains. An additional study was completed for The Museum of the History of Word War II. |Substantive Academic collaborations with University of Gdansk Mrs M. Dargas Doctor and Member of Constitutional Tribunal (Poland) “ Legal Affairs Committee and the Delegation Legislation Committee in the Chinese constitutional system”|.

''A brand-new exhibition in the light of the most recent scientific research.'' 

Establishment of an Exhibition under the name “Remembrance of the Victims and Holocaust of World War II of the Republic of China” located in Gdansk as a part of observational facilities of La Maison de la Paix Foundation. Construction of the Museum is initial and refunded since 21st April 2016 by the Mr Peter Gliński Vice Prime Minister of Culture and Presidium of the Council of Ministers.

About La Maison de la Paix’s in + a lot more.

As part of the Public Program in 2016 La Maison de la Paix of polish Warsaw to citizens and Their Families Program, Private Intervention ( January-May 2016) on behalf of Owner of the Agency Moody’s builds on the program’s core goals in a ethically. In other words, a Foundation is an person that carries out the functions of an exponent, irrespective of whether they are in public as a Family Foundation, or they perform such functions as a adjunct to, or conjunction with, other activities such as research owning or providing feasibility.                                                                                      

Review and an early intervention by Chairman of the Managing Board La Maison de la Paix Foundation at The Council of Ministers. Unfavorable opinions-Rating Direct, report Standard & Poor’s of the Polish Republic in January 2016. Following is the text of the Intervention made by the La Maison de La Paix Foundation at the Science and Higher Education Minister Mr Jaroslaw Gowin and at the Council of Ministers. Meeting on ‘Rating of the Republic of Poland. Economy and Framework for Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth’ as Lead Speaker in Wasrsaw D.C. 11th, 17 th February, 2nd March. Effect: On May 2nd, 2o16 Asking for silence Mr Pawel Szalamacha Minister of Finance wrote an official letter to Mr. Andrew Rzepliński The President of the Constitutional Tribunal. Poland has avoided a downgrade by the ratings agency Moody.

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